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Dangerous Goods Route

The Dangerous goods route is governed by Traffic Bylaw No. 1946. Dangerous goods vehicles must remain on the dangerous goods route, shown on the map below.

Dangerous goods route map

Schedule B of Bylaw No. 1946 establishes the heavy vehicle routes in the City.


No one shall operate a dangerous goods vehicle on any route other than on a Dangerous Goods Route from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.


You may operate outside of the permitted hours on the Dangerous Goods Route if:

  • You are in the course of delivering heating fuel to a residence

  • You are in the course of delivering cylinders containing oxygen for medical purposes, provided that:

    • No cylinder being transported is more than 60 Kg;

    • The total weight of cylinders being transported is no more than 1,900 Kg; and

    • no more than 36 cylinders are being transported; or

  • On holidays

You may operate a dangerous goods vehicle off of the route if:

  • You are making a pickup or delivery of dangerous goods;

  • Proceeding to or from the business premises of the owner or operator of the dangerous goods vehicle; or

  • Proceeding to or from a garage for the purpose of repairs, servicing or refueling; and

  • the dangerous goods vehicle proceeds using the most direct route to and from the Dangerous Goods Route, to the point of pickup or delivery, and returning to the Dangerous Goods Route.

  • Being operated by the City

  • Under escort by a marked vehicle operated by a member of the RCMP, the Department of Public Works and Engineering of the City, or by Community Safety Officers located in the City’s Protective Services Department, pursuant to a valid Temporary Street Use permit

Dangerous goods vehicles do not apply to fuel in the fuel tank of the dangerous goods vehicle, provided that the fuel is carried in permanently mounted tanks with direct lines to the fuel system of the dangerous goods vehicle.

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