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Dog Park

The Dog Park is the only area your dog can be off leash in public. It is just off of Airport Road, by Cameron McIntosh Airport.

The park is open all year round and is fully fenced.

Dog park rules:

  • No dog that has been deemed dangerous by Bylaw 1888 is allowed at the park
  • No dogs in heat
  • Dogs must have a valid pet licence and up to date with vaccinations
  • Clean up and dispose of your pet’s waste
  • Nuisance dogs must be leashed and removed from the park immediately
  • You must always accompany your dog and carry a leash for the dog that is not longer than 1.5 meters
  • No motorized vehicles are permitted in the park

Failure to follow these rules will result in fines and or impounding of the dog.

Bylaw 1888

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