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Cross Country Ski Trails

Skiing is a fun way to get out and stay active during winter. We have many cross-country ski opportunities here in the city. The trails are suitable for all ski experience levels.

Updated: 5 April 2024

  • Centennial Park - Closed for the season

  • Holy Family School Trail - Closed for the season

  • North Shore Trail & King Hill - Closed for the season

  • Finlayson Island East - Closed for the season

  • Finlayson Island West - Closed for the season

Subject to minor adjustments due to weather and trail conditions. Weekend usage is priority, with the heaviest-used trails groomed closer to the weekend.

  • Monday and Tuesday, Centennial Park Trail, Holy Family School Trail

  • Wednesday, North Shore Trail

  • Thursday, Finlayson Island Trail North

  • Friday, Finlayson Island Trail South

During the winter, we groom the trails in four areas for Cross Country enthusiasts.


Centennial Park

Located behind the Access Communications Centre. Enjoy several kilometres of groomed trails here. The area is wide open. There is adequate light for the night skier.

Holy Family School Park

A short trail designed for use by residents. A very easy flat trail for beginners.

Finlayson Island

Located on the old Battleford highway. The trails are groomed on both sides of the island. Trails are well protected from wind through wooded areas, providing excellent skiing. Trails are looped, so shorter routes are available. Hiking is also popular on the island in spring, summer and fall.

North Shore Trail

Located along the North Shore of the river. You can access it from Poundmaker Trail, near the pedestrian bridge leading to Finlayson Island. The trail is a 5.5 km loop in a wooded area and is enjoyed by all levels of skiers. The trail runs along the northern shores of the North Saskatchewan River. Heading east to two kilometres beyond the F.E. Holliday Water Treatment Plant.

Ski Trail Etiquette

If you enjoy walking in areas where there are ski trails, please respect skiers and avoid groomed trails. Footprints can damage ski tracks, making skiing difficult and less enjoyable.

  • Dogs are not permitted on ski trails

  • Please obey directions on one-way trails

  • Ski on the right on double tracks

  • Please step off the trail for faster skiers

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