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Household Hazardous Waste Day

Please note that there are no scheduled Household Hazardous Waste Days (HHWD) planned for 2024. An alternative to our HHWD is planned, come back later for more details or follow our social media.

Please note that commercial loads will not be accepted.

The purpose of HHWDs is to ensure hazardous waste is not poured down the drain, poured onto the ground, into the sewers, or placed in the trash. All of these would be considered "improper disposal", which can cause serious threats to our health and have negative impacts on the environment.

These materials should be in their original containers or clearly labelled.


Contact cement, caulking, sealer, carpet and linoleum adhesives, and glue


Hair spray, insect repellent, lubricant spray, and furniture cleaner

Automotive liquids

Carburetor cleaners and fuel oil


Oven cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, spot remover, disinfectants, and car wax


Drain cleaner, engine degreaser, ammonia, battery acid, and sulphuric acid


Gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lamp oil, oil/gas mixtures


Mercury, thermometers


Chlorine, bleach, pool chemicals, fertilizers, hydrogen peroxide, septic tank chemicals


Lawn herbicides, garden chemicals, rat poison, gopher killer, insecticides


Paint thinner, acetone, varsol, alcohol, benzene, xylene, naphtha

Some materials can be dropped off at other places and you won't have to hang onto them until an HHWD event comes along. 


Bring your paint and paint cans to SARCAN.


Electronics are not accepted at HHWD events - they can be taken to SARCAN.


The Waste Management Facility (WMF) will take your automotive, large lead acid batteries, or alkaline batteries for free. You can also drop off alkaline, cellphone, rechargeable, watch or hearing aid batteries at City Hall.

Used oil/antifreeze and oil filters

Bring your used automotive liquids to the WMF for free. Do not mix liquids.

Propane cylinders

Bring your old propane cylinders to the WMF. A recyclable material charge applies.

Fluorescent bulbs and ballasts

You can take these to City Hall or the WMF.


Old mercury thermostats can be dropped off at City Hall.


Do not flush old or unused medications. Your pharmacy may take them in a medication return program.

Do not mix products!

Please bring hazardous materials in their original containers with labels intact. If you do not have the original container, label the materials.

If you do not know the specific product name, label with the product category from the list above. Ensure that you secure the product so that it does not leak or tip.

Why are these products dangerous?

Putting these materials in your garbage or recycling or pouring them down the drain contaminates water and landfills. Due to the environmental risks, these materials and products require proper disposal.

What can I do when I’m finished with the household hazardous waste material?

Take them to the City's semi-annual Household Hazardous Waste Days.

What other opportunities do I have to recycle or dispose of household waste or electronic materials?

SARCAN accepts leftover paint and empty paint cans free of charge. SARCAN also accepts electronic items such as computers and computer components, desktop printers, fax machines, monitors, TVs, audio/video systems, non-cellular phones, etc. Contact SARCAN for more information at 306-445-1660 or visit SARCAN's website

Return unused medication to your pharmacy.

For questions on where to dispose of certain materials, please consult Recycle Coach.


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