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Community Safety Strategy

We developed the Community Safety Strategy in 2014 and we are in the process of updating a new version, the Community Safety & Wellbeing Plan, in the summer of 2023.

The goal of these strategies are to address the real and perceived concerns about safety in the community.

The strategies recognize the root causes of safety concerns, being:

  • Poverty

  • Food insecurity

  • Under-housing or unavailability of housing

  • Lack of education

  • Addictions; and

  • Mental health issues

Community safety management must be proactive, holistic, and service-based. Actions to improve safety must be ongoing and cannot only occur as reactions to serious events.

The North Battleford Community Safety Strategy comprises five pillars:

  • Creating opportunities

  • Helping individuals and complex families

  • Coordinating existing and seeking new programs

  • Preventing and suppressing crime

  • Engaging people within the regional community

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