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Neighbourhood Engagement

We encourage kindness and respect among our residents. It’s always important to try to look out for one another, and nowhere is this more important than right in your own neighbourhood. When you know your neighbours, it makes it easier to look out for one another.

Snow Angels

The Snow Angels program is very popular every winter. The program encourages those who can remove snow to help out their neighbours. It is a great way to help keep sidewalks walkable for all and to do something nice for someone else.

If someone has removed snow from your sidewalk, driveway, or your steps, they are a Snow Angel - make sure you nominate them to say thank you!

Community Perception Survey

In November 2022, North Battleford City Council approved a second Perceptions of Safety Survey to be conducted in 2023. Led by Wendy Verity as project coordinator, the survey questions will expand on the 2018 survey questions, as reported in the 2019 report, and will explore public health measures related to crime, victimization, and overall health of North Battleford residents. The data will be collected from survey participants both in-person and online.

Neighbourhood Profiles

Learn more about the various neighbourhoods in the City of North Battleford. This Neighbourhood Profiles report was produced in 2018.

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