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Public Consultations

Proposed Residential Rental Property Registration (RRPR) Bylaw

The City of North Battleford has taken part in multiple discussions related to community safety, community standards, and housing challenges. Additionally, numerous complaints from the public and general community have been made to the City regarding the state of substandard rental properties in North Battleford. The purpose of the registration program is to establish an inventory to assist the City in providing and planning for adequate services (utilities, waste management, etc.), to provide a better understanding of North Battleford's residential rental property landscape and to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of tenants occupying these properties. The City is hosting public consultations to welcome feedback, input, and to answer questions from the public and various stakeholders regarding a new proposed Bylaw, the Residential Rental Property Registration (RRPR) Bylaw prior to presenting to Council for consideration. 

The RRPR Bylaw would provide clarity in relation to the city's housing and rental landscape, while ensuring the City is able to plan for and provide services where they are required. It would also assist the City with promoting a safe and viable community and to foster economic and social wellbeing of its residents. For the purposes of these public consultations, the proposed Bylaw would not include apartment buildings and multi-unit dwellings with more than 4 units, as these structures are already covered by separate legislation which regulates the guidelines with respect to health and safety of building occupants. 

Prior to the Bylaw being introduced to City Council for their consideration, the City of North Battleford is engaging in a public consultation process.

Council Report - July 8, 2024

Proposed Residential Rental Property Registration Bylaw

Proposed Bylaw Public Consultation Plan

City of North Battleford Media Release - July 9, 2024

The City of North Battleford plans to reach out directly to stakeholders who may be impacted by the implementation of this Bylaw in the future, if passed by City Council. 

If you represent a local stakeholder and would like to request a meeting with City Administration with respect to this proposed Bylaw, please email

If you have questions about the proposed Residential Rental Property Registration (RRPR) Bylaw, or if you would like to share your opinion about the proposed Bylaw, the City invites you to call the office of the City Clerk at 306-445-1719 or send an email.

The City of North Battleford will be hosting two virtual sessions and two in-person sessions to invite members of the public to ask questions or provide feedback with respect to this proposed Bylaw. 

Details of the sessions will be posted here when finalized.

1. What is the purpose of the proposed Residential Rental Property (RRPR) Bylaw?

The RRPR Bylaw is being proposed to address a number of issues which have been identified with the City of North Battleford. There have been multiple concerns raised with respect to the conditions of some rental properties in which tenants are living in and/or creating unsafe and unhealthy environments, some of which also would constitute a significant risk for first responders attending an emergency within. Additionally, the RRPR Bylaw would allow the City to create an inventory of all housing options within the community, providing a better idea of the current landscape when the City is tasked with advocating for affordable housing options and/or planning for adequate services such as waste management, utilities etc.

2. How would the RRPR Bylaw help with the safety and wellbeing of tenants?

If passed, the proposed Bylaw would permit a qualified Building Inspector and/or their designate to enter residential rental properties/units to conduct an inspection for health and safety. Typically, 24-hours of written notice would be provided to the occupant, unless mutually agreed upon and arranged within a shorter time period; however, in an emergency, the Bylaw permits the Inspector to enter without notice. This provision in the proposed Bylaw was included to ensure the health, wellbeing, and safety of the property's tenants; standards for which do not currently exist within legislation.

3. When would the Bylaw come into effect?

The intent is to bring this proposed Bylaw to City Council for first and second readings, following several opportunities for public consultation and input, at the September 9th, 2024 City Council meeting. Following this meeting, a number of factors could impact when the Bylaw's third reading, and, if applicable, subsequent passage may occur, including, but not limited to: direction from Council to complete additional meetings with stakeholders and the general public, the 2025 Budget Meetings Schedule, the 2024 Municipal Election, etc.

4. How much will this cost me as a landlord or property owner to register my residential rental property?

Registration of properties would be free. 

5. If I am a property owner or landlord and I do not register my rental property, what happens?

Non-compliance under this proposed Bylaw would subject the property owner or landlord to significant fines, pursuant to the Bylaw.

For a first offence this could mean a fine note less than $250 and not more than $1,000; for a second offence this could mean a fine not less than $500 and not more than $5,000; and for a third offence this could mean a fine of not less than $1,000 and not more than $10,000. In the case of a continuing offence, each day shall be considered a separate offence during which the offence continues.

6. If I am a landlord or property owner, what do I have to do to make sure I pass inspections?

At this time, standards have not been established by Bylaw. Owners of residential rental properties are only required to register if Council adopts the RRPR Bylaw.

Following public consultations, the City of North Battleford intends to present the proposed Bylaw for Council's consideration during the September 9, 2024 Council meeting. At that time, it is suggested the first and second readings of the Bylaw would take place.

Following this meeting, a number of matters could impact the timeline for the third reading, and if passed, the date the Bylaw would enter into effect, including, but not limited to: direction from City Council to enter into additional stakeholder or public consultation meetings, the 2025 Budget Meetings, and the 2024 City of North Battleford Municipal Election.

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