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Contractor Expectations

Residential and Commercial Contractors

In order to assist both the City and the Contractors constructing your building with the least number of disruptions, irritations, and unnecessary expenses, Property Owners, General Contractors, and Sub-Trades are reminded that the City has a number of rules that must be followed to protect the City’s infrastructure.

  1. Contractors/Sub-trades must confirm that they are constructing on the correct property and within the proper setbacks within the property. The City will take no responsibility for contractors constructing on the wrong property, within an easement, or outside of property setbacks.
  2. Disposing/storage of waste materials from the ground excavations on neighbouring properties, alley, streets, or public land is not allowed.
  3. Waste materials must be stored on the construction property and in the case of excess materials, must be disposed of in a legal manner.
  4. Excess clean materials may be disposed of at the Waste Management Facility. Contact WMF at 306-446-4411 for further information.
  5. Contractors placing waste materials on City property will be fined with littering and the property owner will be invoiced for the cost of cleaning the material.
  6. Ensure that sidewalks and other infrastructure on or near the construction site are not damaged by the Contractors/Sub-Trades equipment or activities. Contractors/Property Owners will be held liable for all repair costs to sidewalks, roads, alleys, curb stops, light standards, etc.
  7. Storing of construction materials and/or equipment on neighbouring lots or in City streets and/or alleys is not allowed. The City will take no responsibility for lost/stolen/damaged equipment and the contractor will be held liable for costs if City property is damaged.
  8. Construction site security will be the responsibility of the contractor and the sub-trades. The City will take no responsibility for items stolen or damaged.
  9. Construction litter stored/placed or infringing on neighbouring lots is not allowed. Contractors must ensure that all litter that blows off the construction site is picked up and disposed of in a proper and legal manner. Municipal Enforcement will fine contractors and sub-trades guilty of such offences and cleanup costs will be assessed to the property owner of the construction site.
  10. It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure that they know where all easements and underground utilities are buried on the construction site before digging. The City will not be held responsible or pay for damages to any underground utilities done by the Contractor or their Sub-trades.
  11. Sump pits, foundation and under floor drainage systems are not to be connected to the sanitary sewer system, as stated in the Sewerage Works Bylaw #1707. During the summer months, the City’s sanitary system is reaching maximum capacities due to existing ground water volumes. It is recommended that the groundwater be drained in either the front, the back alley or the yard.
  12. Unauthorized connection to the City waterlines water main and theft of water is not permitted. Only qualified City personnel will be permitted to connect the building’s water system to the water main by way of a water meter. Unauthorized connections will be considered theft by the City and will be treated accordingly. If a contractor needs water on the construction site, they may apply for a meter to City Hall Utilities Department.
  13. The contractor must ensure that all permits are obtained from the City to dig in the alleys or streets to tie in sewer, water, electricity, natural gas or telephone. Contractors and sub-trades require permits to dig on City property. Permits may be obtained at City Hall.
  14. The contractor is required to submit a Sewer, Water, Lot Grade application and plan to determine the recommended elevation for the site. The City will not redevelop the elevations of the alleys, streets or neighbouring properties if the Contractor develops improper finished elevation.
  15. Ensure that there is proper traffic and pedestrian access the finished site. The City has guidelines governing access points onto the property, access width, etc. These guidelines may be obtained at the City’s Planning and Development Department through a Curb Crossing Application.

Contractors who do not comply will be fined.

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