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Casual - CUPE

Ref # ALG001 - Assistant Lifeguard

This position is responsible for providing aquatic safety and supervision of patrons, monitors activities in the water, pool decks, and ancillary areas of aquatic facilities to prevent accidents. Assistant Lifeguards also perform rescues and administer first aid, CPR, and AED as needed. The primary responsibility of an Assistant Lifeguard is to prevent drowning and other injuries from occurring. Candidates must be able to ensure the safety of patrons by minimizing or eliminating hazardous situations or behaviours. This person will need to be able to solve on-the-job issues by utilizing critical thinking and decision-making skills, and possess the ability to work with diverse populations. This position is responsible
for lifeguarding, providing support for the (Head) Team Leader and Aquatic Leader on duty, janitorial duties as assigned and maintain a high level of customer service.


  • Valid Bronze Cross Certification (Lifesaving Society).
  • Valid First Aid/CPR “C/AED Certification.
  • Young Workers Readiness Certificate (Under 16 years of age).

Duties and responsibilities

  • Recognize and respond to emergencies through knowledge and application of lifeguard surveillance and rescue techniques.
  • Educate and enforce facility regulations and policies and cautions patrons regarding unsafe behaviours.
  • Monitor activities in the water, pool decks, and ancillary areas of the aquatic facility.
  • Demonstrate excellent customer service when assisting facility patrons.

Competition number: ALG001

Rate of pay: $18.14 per hour

Hours of work: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. - variety of shift schedules are available

Posting date: Internal, April 25, 2023 and external, May 2, 2023

Successful candidates will be contacted by email for interviews.

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