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Online customer portal now open for City water utility accounts

City of North Battleford water utility customers will now be able to access their personal water usage data from their AMI Smart Meter(s) on a new online portal.    

The customer portal was unveiled to City Council and the public at Monday night’s Council Meeting, including a step-by-step presentation with information about how to set up accounts and usage alerts.

When customers access their online portal, they will have the opportunity to set alerts for water consumption used by the property per day, week, and during vacations. Should the property exceed its set consumption amount, the customer will receive an alert by email. Alerts are helpful to identify higher than usual water usage, examples of which include; a leaking water appliance, forgetting to turn off an irrigation system, tap, or sprinkler, filling a backyard pool, and having company over for extended periods.

Water use is calculated in cubic metres. One cubic metre is equal to 1,000 litres. It is important to note that water usage can change seasonally, so consumption alert settings may need to be adjusted more than once per calendar year.        

Property owners can opt to have alerts sent to a third party – for example, if a homeowner is having a family member watch over their property while away on vacation. If there is any unusual water use while away, an alert will be sent to the individual taking care of the property so it can be handled immediately.

To sign up for the online portal, customers will require a valid email and a copy of their water utility bill. A “how-to” video and instructions are available at           



For more information:
Candace Toma, Public & Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator
306-441-0713 |

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