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Understanding the City’s proposed Protective Services Cost Recovery Bylaw

With the third reading of Bylaw No. 2144, the Protective Services Cost Recovery Bylaw, coming to City Council on November 27th, the City of North Battleford has developed key points to help provide a broader understanding about this innovative Bylaw.           

The Protective Services Cost Recovery Bylaw will not automatically be applied if calls to 911, or emergency services personnel, are placed. Calls for service that are medical in nature, that involve Criminal Code-related calls including interpersonal violence, calls for assistance under the Mental Health Act, acts of vandalism, calls for assistance at businesses, or child protection matters will be exempt from this Bylaw.     

Should a pattern of repeated calls of concern relating to a specific property be made to RCMP, Community Safety Officers, or the Fire Department, this information will be shared with the City Manager and at their discretion, a letter will be sent by the City to the property owner indicating that there may be issues taking place within or on their property. At this time, the property owner will be provided with the opportunity to address the matters which have led to repeated calls for service to emergency services personnel before any invoices are sent. Only property owners will receive notices and invoices – not a tenant or tenants.           

There is no specific threshold for what constitutes the number of calls at which requests for service would be deemed too numerous, and each address will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. Should an invoice be required, it will follow a specific fee structure outlined in Schedule “A” within the Bylaw which are based on actual costs for the specific service.     

The Protective Services Cost Recovery Bylaw is one of many initiatives the City of North Battleford has worked to implement in relation to overall community safety and wellbeing. The intent of this Bylaw is to encourage responsible property ownership in the City of North Battleford.

For any feedback or questions related to this Bylaw, members of the public are invited to reach out to the City Clerk at or by phone at 306-445-1719 prior to the November 27th City Council Meeting. Members of the public may also contact City Councillors to provide feedback. Contact information is available at this link. 


For more information:
Candace Toma, Public & Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator
306-441-0713 |

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