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Protective Services Cost Recovery Bylaw Procedures presented to Planning Committee on Monday

With the City of North Battleford’s newly-passed Protective Services Cost Recovery Bylaw (Bylaw No. 2144) entering into effect on January 1, 2024, City Manager Randy Patrick provided some additional procedures at City Council’s request during Monday’s Planning Committee meeting. The intent of the procedures is to provide additional structure and clarity in the application of the Bylaw.   

The Protective Services Cost Recovery Bylaw was passed by City Council in December 2023 in response to repeated calls-for-service occurring at a number of properties in North Battleford. The Bylaw allows City Administration to evaluate each instance of excessive calls for service by Community Safety Officers, RCMP, and the North Battleford Fire Department on a case-by-case basis.            

A property owner may receive a 30-day notice and a subsequent invoice for fees for service after Administration considers a number of factors, not limited to: the frequency at which protective services are requested to respond to the subject property; the nature of the emergency response services required; and the state of disrepair of the property.       

For a property owner to face penalties under this Bylaw, the property in question must have required a minimum of six (6) visits in the last 12-month period individually or collectively from RCMP, CSOs, or the Fire Department. Medical emergencies requiring ambulance services, crimes at businesses, persons-related criminal offenses such as domestic or interpersonal violence, and Mental Health or Child Protection Act matters will be exempt under the Bylaw.

As set out in the Bylaw procedures introduced during the January 15, 2024, Planning Committee Meeting, the City Manager will provide a usage and application report of this Bylaw to City Council twice per year.          

For questions or concerns related to this Bylaw or for additional information about how it may apply to a specific situation, residents and property owners are encouraged to contact the City Clerk at 306-445-1719 or at


For more information:
Candace Toma, Public & Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator
306-441-0713 |

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