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City Council sets 2023 Mill Rates with slight reduction in taxes

An unexpected $179,213 increase in the City’s municipal revenue sharing grant has led to a slight deduction in previously approved 2023 property taxes. The previous taxation rate for base taxes and mill rates was approved to be a 5.99% increase in December of 2022.        

During the May 8th City Council Meeting, Administration presented Council with several scenarios for disbursement of the additional municipal revenue sharing funds received by the City.      

Following the discussion, Council approved the reduction of the tax rate from 5.99% to 5.34% for 2023, while ensuring the availability of $100,000 to cover costs to fix signal and light poles on Territorial Drive and an additional $25,000 toward the cost of a backup generator for the airport runway. Purchase of the backup generator is pending approval of the City’s $25,000 CAP (Community Airport Partnership) grant application. Should the application be unsuccessful, the designated $25,000 will be deferred to the budget 2024.   

The 2023 Mill Rates and commercial taxation rates were approved by Council at a Special Council Meeting on May 9th  based on the reduced property tax rate of 5.34%. A comparison between 2022 and 2023 Mill Rates per class is below.  

Rate Description

2023 Rate

2022 Rate

Uniform Mill Rate



Residential/Condo Base Tax



Recreation Capital Levy – Residential Condo



Residential/Agricultural Vacant Base Tax



Recreation Capital Levy – Commercial/Industrial

1.59 mills

1.59 mills

Agricultural Min Tax



Downtown BID

2.1 mills

2.4434 mills

Agricultural Class

1.08 mills

1.1 mills

Residential/Condo Class

0.362 mills

0.3668 mills

Vacant Residential Land Subclass

0.62 mills

0.8 mills

Multi-Unit Residential Subclass

1.01 mills

1.078 mills

Commercial/Industrial Class

1.107 mills

1.1416 mills

Commercial/Industrial Large Retail Subclass

1.175 mills

1.34 mills

Personal Care Home Subclass

1.01 mills

1.078 mills

Elevator Subclass

1.41 mills

1.4633 mills

Railway & Pipeline Subclass

0.513 mills

0.523 mills

The 2023 average taxable value of a residential property with 50 feet of frontage is $153,120, and based on that value, it would cost $948.46 in municipal tax, a $54.24 per year increase from 2022. The net increase in taxes and levies in 2023 will be an average of $130.83, equal to a $10.90 increase per month from 2022 and the total increase on municipal levies, including UPAR, is 5.15% for residential properties in North Battleford.

Commercial properties with an average taxable value of $287,385 with frontage of 50 feet will see a 5.51% on municipal levies in 2023. This is a net increase of $28.60 per month from 2022 rates.            

City Council approved a 16.7% 2023 UPAR increase in December. The 2023 UPAR Rate Bylaw remains unchanged after this week’s Council meetings.          

Residents can expect their tax notices for 2023 to be mailed out by no later than May 31st, 2023. The intended deadline to pay 2023 property taxes is June 30th, 2023.     


For more information:
Candace Toma, Public & Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator
306-441-0713 |

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