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Open house on 2015 municipal budget highlights at The Chapel Gallery Jan. 28 from 5 to 8 p.m.

Cracks in trunks of ashes are normal, says forestry operations foreman

With the bitter cold  of the past few weeks, many trees in North Battleford have begun to show cracks. Big cracks. Running down the length of tree trunks.

And that has some residents worried.

But the City of North Battleford's forestry operations foreman, Tim Yeaman, says such big cracks in one type of tree, an ash, are both common and perfectly safe.

"The current cracks in many of the trees, specifically ash, are very common with the fluctuations in temperatures from bitter cold to warming up," says Mr. Yeaman. "The cracks in some cases are known as frost cracks or sunscald cracks which are very common in the fraxinus family of trees, which includes ashes, and some other trees as well."

Even though these cracks look serious, they will in most cases close up as the weather warms up.

"If the process continues over the years, the trees end up with what is known as 'frost ribs' adding a unique feature to the truck of the trees," says Mr. Yeaman.

Although the city's forestry operations foreman will go and check the trees of North Battleford residents who are really concerned about serious damage, he wants to reassure residents that cracks in ash trees are common.

For more information on frost cracks, check out this government website:,winter-sunscald-frost-cracking.html

 2015 Approved Budget

2015 Budget Cover

Check out the 2015 Budget HERE.

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North Battleford's Community Safety Officer program accepted as model by Province of Saskatchewan


City's snow removal map shows order in which streets are cleared

Champions of public skating       honoured in North Battleford!

The City of North Battleford's community safety officers patrol the city's downtown streets, residential neighbourhoods and industrial areas.

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