City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan

Election Officials Position Descriptions

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In addition to meeting the criteria listed for each position, candidates must also:

  • Possess basic literacy skills, analytical skills, and the ability to pay attention to detail
  • Possess basic interpersonal skills, including the ability to exercise impartiality and to serve voters that require assistance
  • Be able to perform repetitive tasks and basic arithmetic
  • Be a quick learner
  • Be able to work long hours
  • Competent and reliable
  • Experience dealing with the public
  • Ability to remain polite, calm, courteous when dealing with voters
  • Are 18 years old or older

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Issuing Deputy Returning Officer (IDRO)

Receiving Deputy Returning Officer (RDRO)


Poll Clerk


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Debbie Wohlberg
Returning Officer
1291 101st Street
North Battleford, Sask.
S9A 2Y6