City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan

Water Main Flushing 2018

The City of North Battleford will begin its comprehensive unidirectional flushing program on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. The goal is to ensure the maintenance of water quality is at its optimal level and to properly maintain the City’s water distribution lines. Flushing is anticipated to last for approximately 10 days.

Please refer to the map below to see if you are affected by the 2018 flushing.

Helpful links and documents:

- Map

- Flushing Tips for residents and businesses

- Water Main Flushing Program FAQ

- News Release on Water Main Flushing (May 1, 2018)


 Update: Please check back regularily for more information!

May 15: The 2018 Water Main Flushing is now completed. The Fire Department will commence their annual fire hydrant testing now.

May 14: The flushing is completed in all scheduled areas, except for Killdeer Park. Flushing in Killdeer Park will start tonight. 

May 11: The Flushing last night went slower than anticipated. The flushing crew was able to flush: Railway Avenue from 104th to Territorial Drive, the service road in front of Frontier Mall all the way to the exhibition grounds, Heritage Way, service road in front of Humpty’s and 11th Avenue from 100th to 105th Street.

For tonight, the flushing crew will try to complete the signed areas from yesterday and will be moving north along Territorial Drive. The signed areas include: Pioneer Avenue, Carlton Trail, 114th Street, 11th Avenue from 105th to 112th Street, Bennett Cres, Laurier Cres, Meighen Cres, Scott Drive, Martin Cres, Dunning Cres, Gardner Drive, Clark Drive, and Douglas Avenue.

May 10: The flushing crew finished flushing the Industrial Park last night and the Western Development Museum line. However, the flushing crew was unable to complete the signed areas near the Frontier Mall, Tropical Inn, and Railway Avenue. For tonight, the flushing crew will try to complete the signed areas from yesterday. There will also be signs along 11th Avenue. The signed areas include: Carlton Trail, Heritage Way, Service Road in front of Frontier Mall, Railway Avenue from 104th to Territorial, Pioneer Avenue, Battleford Road, Service Roads in front of Humpty’s and the Lone Star Hotel (Super 8).

May 9: The Flushing crews were able to complete most of the signed area in the Industrial Park last night. The Flushing crew will finish the remainder of Thatcher Avenue tonight. Today, the waterworks crew will be putting signs up on: Railway Avenue between 104th Street and Territorial Drive, Carlton Trail, Heritage Way. We will be accommodating food businesses by notifying them shortly before flushing begins. Water can be used normally between 8am to 8pm.