City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan


The City of North Battleford operates the water utility for local residents and businesses. The utility bill includes fees for water, sewer, waste management, recycling and Underground Pipeline and Asphalt Replacement  (UPAR).

Make payment or application for a new connection.

Helpful Documents

Helpful Documents regarding your utility bill

Please go to the Payment tab to see payment options for your utility bill.

Call our Utility Clerk at 306-445-1707 for more information.


Online payments

You can make online payments for Utilities and Taxes, or you can make an application for a new utility connection at that link.

Paying Your Utility Bills

The City of North Battleford operates the water utility for local residents and businesses.

  • In-person at City Hall (1291-101st Street) between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • At your bank in person or via telephone banking.
  • The drop box located near the north entrance of City Hall (1291-101st Street).
  • Sign up under the Water Installment Payment Plan Service (W.I.P.P.S.). to pay monthly. Payments are made through direct debit from your bank account.

Sign up for WIPPS by sending the completed form below and a scan/high-quality picture of a void cheque to



Get your utility bill sent directly to your email inbox. Signing up for e-billing is quick and easy, get started today.


Text Reminder Service

What is it?

The City of North Battleford is offering a free text reminder service for past due utility accounts and tax accounts. Reminders will be sent to individuals reminding them of past due accounts, to avoid utility cutoff or tax penalty. Reminders for Utility accounts and tax accounts must be subscribed too individually.

How to apply

Utility Reminders
Email us and include:

  • The name on the utility bill
  • Civic address
  • Utility Account number
  • Cell phone number (the reminder will be sent to this number)
Lead Service Lines

Do you have lead service lines in your house?

Houses built after 1948 most likely were constructed with copper pipes.

According to files, there are 369 properties in the City of North Battleford with lead service lines. Lead service lines were a common practice in homes being built before the 1980s. Through a process called corrosion, lead can leach from lead service water lines into drinking water and can be harmful to human health, especially for young children, infants and pregnant women. The City of North Battleford offers an Annual Monitoring Program to those properties (usually gets sent out in August) to test the drinking water for lead levels. Results are provided to each property.

The best option to reduce the exposure to lead from lead service lines is to remove those lines and replace them with plastic pipe. There are two options available for City residents (cost-share options are available): Replacement in conjunction with the Underground Pipe and Asphalt Replacement Program (UPAR) or replacement outside UPAR.

If you have lead service lines in your house and would like to sign up for the Annual Monitoring Program, please contact us at 306-445-1700 or visit us in-person at City Hall.

All other utilities available within the City of North Battleford are operated by the following companies: