City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan

Building & Housing

North Battleford is one of the fastest-growing urban centres in Saskatchewan.

The low cost of living, the excellent education and healthcare facilities and the outstanding recreation facilities and opportunities are just three of the reasons that more and more people, from young professionals just starting out to boomers building their ultimate homes, are coming home to North Battleford.

Buying, Renting, Building

Due to the affordable housing costs, the cost of living in North Battleford is one of the lowest in the country. According to Money Sense Magazine’s “Canada’s Best Places to Live 2016”, the average house price in North Battleford is about $211,000 with
a property tax of 2.57%.

Whether you are looking to buy or rent in North Battleford, there are a wide variety of housing choices that range from urban to rural, condos to single family detached. All are offered at a full range of prices.

For residential development opportunities, visit the Land Development tab in the Business section of our website. 

Applicable Permits and Licenses

Before you start building a new deck, garage or fence or if you are planning to renovate in your house or business, you may need to apply for a permit.

Please consult the "Guide to Building Permits and Business Licenses" and contact the City of North Battleford before you start your project.

By applying for a building permit, you will ensure that:

  • The construction as proposed will meet the Building Code standards and other municipal requirements such as zoning and heritage.
  • Your project meets minimum structural, fire, health and safety, building standards as legislated by the Province.

Click on the following link for a current list of Building and Development Permits as well as Business Licenses.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Brittany Lacoursiere
Corporate Services Clerk