City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan

Commemorative Recognition Program


The Commemorative Recognition Program in the City of North Battleford’s parks, facilities and cemeteries shall be designed and placed to help enrich the location experience, while respecting the environment, maintenance considerations, and broader community interest.


All requests for commemorations received by the City of North Battleford will be reviewed and approved in accordance with the criteria and process established within this policy.


• For this policy, commemorations are public, tangible, and of significant interest or meaning to residents of North Battleford. Tangible commemorations are physical markers in the landscape.

• Public commemorations are those that are either both publicly funded and implemented or that are privately initiated and funded but are placed in public spaces.

• Commemorations in the City of North Battleford can be figurative statues, monuments, cairns, fountains, artifacts, dedication bench, dedication tree, banners, unnamed access roads, and interior memorabilia or artifacts


  1. Read the policy thoroughly
  2. Fill out the application form (hard copy or fillable form) and include all required supporting documents.
  3. Scan and e-mail the completed application form (including supporting documentation) to or drop off a hard copy of the application form (including supporting documentation) to City Hall Reception (attention: C. DeNeire, Director of Parks & Recreation)


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