City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan

Book a Facility or Register for Classes


The City of North Battleford Parks and Recreation has a new online booking system called xplor recreation. Old MaxGalaxy accounts are no longer available. Accounts were unable to be migrated, a new account must be created with xplor recreation before registering for a class.
Create a new account HERE then click  "signup" under the City logo to create a new account.

To book a facility, contact Central Booking:

306-445-1755 or 306-445-1790

In-person at the Don Ross Centre (891-99th Street, Door 5) or the NationsWEST Field House.

Or call the Aquatic Centre at 306-445-1745

Facility Booking Online


Adult art classes

Youth and teen art classes 

Aquatic leadership classes 

Aquatic lessons 

 Adult Fitness Classes