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RFP - 2023 City of North Battleford Sidewalk Maintenance - Trip Ledge Removal


The City of North Battleford is Saskatchewan’s seventh (7th) largest City. Each year the City retains a contractor to preform trip ledge removal on designated sections of the sidewalks in the City.


The Contractor must remove all sidewalk trip ledge hazards from 6mm (¼ inch) to 38mm (1 ½ inches) as completely as possible in the Defined Working Area.

The contractor shall contact the City to inspect trip hazards from 38mm (1 ½ inches) to 51mm (2 inches) prior to removing the trip ledge hazard.  

The City will determine if the hazard should be removed by trimming or if that the severity means that it should be removed by other means not covered in this contract.

Trimming of trip ledge hazards shall be from one end of the raised sidewalk trip ledge to the end of the trip ledge hazard, with minimal differential between adjoining panels, in the designated work areas.


An itemized summary of all repaired locations must be submitted after the project is complete. The Contractor must also record and report all sidewalk panels that contain hazards that cannot be repaired by trip ledge removal.

The Contractor must provide all traffic and pedestrian control for all sidewalk trip removal equipment to be used on City sidewalks and streets.

The complete RFP Document is available on SaskTenders - find it by selecting "North Battleford" as the Organization Type and clicking search.

Contact Us

City Hall
1291-101st Street P.O. Box 460
North Battleford, SK S9A 2Y6

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