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Smart Water Meters Detect Leaks for Residents
City and customer portal software is currently not operational
September 1st 2021

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As Smart Water Meter upgrades continue, several residents have already benefited from leak detection warnings. Although the City and customer portal software is currently not operational, the City is undergoing active testing of the software to ensure a smooth transition. It was during active software testing that these leaks were detected by City staff.

Upon receiving water leak detection warnings, staff contacted four residents and informed them of continuous high-water use. With that information, the residents were able to find the issues that caused the leak detection warnings. The cause of one leak detection warning remains unknown. Two residents confirmed that they each had a toilet that was continually running. The fourth incident involved a resident who accidentally left an outside water hose running as they left the city for a few days and inadvertently flooded their basement. Without the Smart Water Meter warning, the basement flooding would have continued until the homeowner returned from their trip, causing significant damage to their basement. In all four cases, City staff were able to contact the homeowners to correct the issues.

The analog water meters that the City is replacing are not compatible with this leak detection capability. High water use from a leak will result in an increased utility bill. Costs to property owners will be significantly lower with the new Smart Water Meters and customer portal as leaks can be identified and addressed quickly. With the analog meters, residents would have only discovered the leaks after receiving a higher-than-expected utility bill as many leaks could remain unidentified for a period of time between billing cycles.

Customer Portal

When the Smart Water Meter upgrades have been completed the customer portal will become available to property owners. This portal will be accessible anywhere you have a modern web browser and access to the internet. Customers will have access to water usage statistics and will be able to set up text message or email notifications for abnormal water usage warnings. This portal will empower residents to make smart decisions about their water use and reduce the impact of leaking plumbing.

The City will continue to take a proactive approach in notifying customers of possible leaks on their property by attempting to contact customers when the Smart Water Meter system identifies an alarm.

Benefits of Smart Water Meters

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