City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan
Safety tips to keep in mind during extreme cold warning for the City of North Battleford
North Battleford Fire Department cautions against heating sources which could be fire hazards
November 10th 2022

With Environment Canada advising of wind chills nearing -40 today, the City reminds residents to exercise extreme caution when heading outdoors. A few safety tips to keep in mind: 

  •  Cover up. Frostbite can occur within minutes on exposed skin.
  •  Do not leave your pets outside. If it's too cold for you, it's too cold for them. 
  •  North Battleford Fire Department reminds you if you are adding heat sources inside your residence, like a space heater, plug it directly into  a wall outlet and not into an extension cord or power bar. Turn it off before going to sleep. This is a fire hazard. 
  • Check on your friends & family to make sure they are safe. Look after one another.

Click here for the latest Environment Canada weather forecast for North Battleford.

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