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Council receives presentation from Battlefords Citizens on Patrol
Council hears updated plan to encourage recruitment
September 13th 2022

With a new and improved strategic plan recently finalized, members of Battlefords Citizens on Patrol (COPP) attended City Council on Monday night to highlight the need for volunteers.

COPP is a volunteer-based program developed to improve community safety, and to prevent and deter crime. COPP members complete vehicle-based patrols in pairs to observe and report possible criminal activity. Areas within the Battlefords requiring patrols are determined by the group, the RCMP, or City Community Safety Officers. COPP volunteers do not intervene in any ongoing situations but do provide valuable information to law enforcement for follow up.

“During COVID we had a significant number of volunteers resign,” noted Doug Fehr, Battlefords COPP Vice-Chair. “We have the opportunity to continue assisting the Battlefords Region and local law enforcement entities with community safety, but we cannot do it with the current roster of 12 volunteers, so we’re doing our best to promote what we do to a new generation of potential volunteers.”

During Monday’s Council Meeting, the group also received financial assistance, by way of a $1000 donation from the local TD (Toronto Dominion) Bank, made by Branch Manager Nissar Khan. Khan, along with Mayor David Gillan, also publicly pledged to volunteer as the newest members of Battlefords COPP on their personal time.

“For me, it’s about giving back to the community as someone who cares deeply about improving the safety of our region for residents,” commented Mayor Gillan.

“It is important that as community leaders, parents, business owners, or residents that we care about the state of our community. We as a community have a responsibility to support safety by locking up our bikes, our doors and vehicles, and reporting community crime when witnessed.”

“If that means joining Citizens on Patrol to patrol for car shoppers, report on graffiti, or what have you, I am happy to do my part,” Mayor Gillan continued. “I encourage others to join me by signing up to help. Each volunteer commits approximately 3-4 hours a month of their personal time and contributes significantly in COPP’s ability to conduct patrols while supporting overall community safety for their family, friends and the Battlefords as a whole.”

A streamlined application process for COPP has also been updated – for details on how to sign up, email


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