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Smart Water Meter Installation Wrapping Up
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March 11th 2022

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The City of North Battleford began upgrading all the ageing and near of end-of-service-live analog water meters to Smart Water Meters in March 2021. Thanks to the cooperation of residents and property owners, this massive project is on track to be completed in May 2022. Approximately 74% of Smart Water Meters have been installed. Currently, all areas of the City are open for booking upgrades, including properties with 3/4-inch meters.

However, many properties have not booked their water meter upgrades when they became eligible. Properties that have yet to book their appointments may receive letters of pending water shutoff. Failure to book and maintain an appointment after receiving a pending shutoff notice will result in water service disconnection without notice. Service will remain disconnected until an appointment is made, or, in repeat occurrences, a meter exchange has been completed. Approximately 100 properties have had their water cut-off due to failure of booking their water meter upgrade. Additionally, repeat offenders will be levied re-connection fees that are required to be paid in full before water service is restored.

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All residents are required to book an installation appointment. Appointments are offered Monday through Saturday with morning, afternoon, and evening times available. All installations are scheduled in 4-hour blocks unless otherwise agreed upon. 4-hour appointment blocks are consistent with many utility providers and account for installer efficiencies and delays which limit accurate appointments. A normal meter installation will take between 30 minutes to an hour. Before your appointment, please ensure that your water meter is accessible. Inaccessible meters require that homeowners provide access at their cost as per Bylaw Waterworks 1706.

Book your Smart Meter installation appointment

by calling KTI at 1-833-543-8807 or booking online at

Your booking password is your utility account number and is included with the notifications mailed to your address.

The City will continue to work with properties that are experiencing extenuating circumstances or specialized installs.

For more information:

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator
306-445-1713 |


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