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Voyent Alert! System Test
The notification will indicate that this is a test and that no action is required.
January 17th 2022

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On Friday, January 21, the City of North Battleford will conduct a notification test alert using the new public notification system Voyent Alert!

The test will allow residents to become familiarized with public notifications they may receive in the future. This test of the public alerting system will provide City administration with an opportunity to identify any administrative improvements needed for the system.

The notification will indicate that this is a test and that no action is required.

During the test, residents will receive a test notification via the preferred method they had chosen during registration. This test will allow residents who have signed for Voyent Alert! to review how they want to receive these public notifications.

About Voyent Alert!

In times of crisis, it is important that residents have access to trusted, timely and accurate information to ensure their safety and of their family and loved ones. In response to this need, the City of North Battleford has chosen Voyent Alert! as the communication service provider for these kinds of events.

Voyent Alert! is a multi-purpose communication service used to send alerts to residents, businesses and visitors during critical events like fires, floods and significant weather events or day-to-day communications such as water and snow advisories and planned maintenance.

For more information about Voyent Alert! or to subscribe for public alerts from the City of North Battleford visit,

For more information:

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator
306-445-1713 |

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