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Winter Safety Tips
Be sure to plan ahead and always check the road and weather conditions before heading out
November 12th 2021

Winter weather brings cold temperatures and wet conditions to North Battleford and can cause safety issues for cyclists, commuters, and pedestrians. Review these tips to help you prepare for winter, as well as how the City braces for the winter weather.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers need to work together to make walking safe, convenient, comfortable, and fun for people of all ages and abilities.

Tips for Pedestrians in Winter Months

  • Being aware of our surroundings is key – although hoods, hats and umbrellas are necessary in our climate, it is important you have good visibility.

  • Always make eye contact with approaching drivers and cyclists before crossing the road.

  • Wear bright reflective clothing at night or during poor visibility. There are even reflective items for your pets.

  • Pay attention and don’t text while walking.

Driver Safety Tips

If your vehicle is equipped for the weather and you’re feeling confident, remember to take extra precautions on the road. Be sure to plan ahead and always check the road and weather conditions before heading out.

  • Give more distance between cars, slow down, and allow yourself more travel time.

  • Clear snow off your car windows, windshields, roof, trunk and hood before driving. Good visibility keeps yourself and others safe.

  • Remember: speed limits are set for ideal conditions.

  • Look twice for pedestrians crossing the road.

  • Give extra time and space to stop in bad weather.

  • Prevent hydroplaning by scanning ahead for large puddles and slowing down.

  • If you hydroplane, ease off the gas and keep steering in the direction you want to go – avoid braking.

  • If you hit black ice and start to skid, don’t brake. Ease off the gas, and steer smoothly in the direction you want to go.

Snow Removal Tips

To keep our sidewalks and streets safe for people walking, driving, and cycling:

  • Wherever the City does not provide mechanical sidewalk clearing, be sure to clear snow and ice from the full width of sidewalks that surround your property within 48 hours of the end of a storm.

  • Shovel snow onto your property, away from the road and sidewalk

  • Don’t push snow from driveways on city streets – it’s illegal

  • Clear storm drains of leaves and snow to prevent flooding

  • When piling snow on your property, take care not to block sightlines from driveways

  • It’s your responsibility to clear snow from around fire hydrants

  • Ask someone to clear your sidewalk if you’re away

  • Please assist elderly or disabled neighbours by clearing snow for them

  • The City plows major roads, bus routes, school routes, and emergency routes

  • Try to keep parked cars off the road during and shortly after a snow storm. This allows plows to do their job better and push snow back to the curb.

Snow Angel Program
The Snow Angel Program encourages physically able and willing residents to assist their neighbours with snow removal from sidewalks. It is a wonderful way to keep sidewalks clear and walkable for all, to make your neighbours feel part of the community and a great way for youth to volunteer. If you are able, please consider becoming a Snow Angel to an elder, someone with mobility restrictions or just to be a kind neighbour.

Snow Angel recognition

If you have had a Snow Angel clear snow for you, let us know by nominating them today! Send their name(s), address and a few kind words to:

PO Box 460
City of North Battleford
North Battleford, SK
S9A 2Y6

or drop off your nomination at City Hall or email your nomination to

Winter Fine Infractions

Traffic Safety Act

246(1) Drive without a clear view of the highway to the front and to both sides of vehicle -fail to clear snow from windows $125.00 fine.

192(2) Drive a vehicle while the license plate are not visible and legible – fail to clear snow from rear license plate $100.00 fine.

199(3) Drive at speed that is greater than reasonable and safe -fail to drive to the weather conditions $175.00 fine.

Bylaw 1675 All Terrain Vehicles

5(A) Operate a snowmobile or quad on a city street, park or alley way - $100.00 fine plus a 30-day impound of the all terrain vehicle.

Bylaw 1900 Snow Sidewalk Removal

10(1)A Fail to remove snow, ice or other loose debris after 48 hours from last snow fall from sidewalk $100.00 fine.

10(1)C Push snow from private property driveway onto city street $100.00

Traffic Bylaw 1946

11(1) Operating a vehicle on a temporarily closed highway. City temporarily closes road for snow removal and operator of vehicle drives around barricades $300.00 fine.

16(2) Leaving cord or cable across public sidewalk attached to vehicle. $60.00 fine.


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