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North Battleford Sees Increase in Water Consumption for This Quarter
Several factors driving increase
October 26th 2021

The City of North Battleford has observed higher than normal water consumption for this quarter and as a result higher than normal water bills. After reviewing water consumption trends, we have identified several factors causing the increase:

  • The lack of precipitation this summer dramatically increased water consumption for properties with a garden and/or lawn, particularly in the months of July and August.
  • As analog meters reach their life expectancy, they can lose up to 15% efficiency. This means that your previous meter may have been underestimating water usage by up to 15%, causing your bill to remain historically lower overtime. Whereas your new AMI Smart Meter will record your consumption accurately and bill accordingly.
  • There is a one-time billing window adjustment for property owners and tenants who have installed a new Smart Water Meter. This billing adjustment moves the cut-off date for water consumption to the 31st of the same month (i.e., October 1st to October 31st).
    • For property owners: This adjustment, depending on the timing of an installation, can cause a regular 3-month bill to reflect up to 4 months of water usage
    • For tenants: This adjustment, depending on the timing of the installation, can cause a regular 1-month bill to reflect up to 2 months of water usage.

The City understands that a higher than expected bill can be frustrating. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as we work through this transitional process. Please note that once the AMI Smart Meter Changeover Project is complete and the system is fully live, users will be able to login and self-monitor their water usage to manage their consumption and mitigate further billing issues.

The City offers an Equal Payment Plan for current up-to-date account holders. To register please call 306-445-1700.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your first utility bill utilizing the AMI Meter please contact Jeffrey Blanchard at 306 445-1722.

For more information:

David D’Eon, Public Relations

306 445-9155 |

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