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Responsible Pet Ownership
be a responsible pet owner and a good neighbour by following these guidelines
February 3rd 2021

Pet ownership is a rewarding privilege – pets enrich our lives with companionship and unconditional love. To ensure a safe and healthy co-existence between your pet and the residents of North Battleford, be a responsible pet owner and a good neighbour by following these guidelines.

Required Responsibilities

All dogs and cats owned within the City of North Battleford must be licensed and wearing a tag issued by the City. Municipal Enforcement Officers will make every effort to reunite licensed dogs or cats if they should stray. Pet licenses are available for purchase at City Hall during regular business hours.

  • Pets must remain on their owner’s property, and they must be leashed whenever in a public area unless they are at the off-leash dog park

  • Pick up after your pet, on and off of your property and dispose of waste properly

  • Ensure your pet does not bite, injure, chase or threaten anyone or other pets

  • A maximum of five animals allowed per home

Additional Tips for Responsible Pet Owners

  • Spay or neuter your pet – discounts available on annual pet licenses

  • Discourage consistent howling, whining and barking

  • Provide for socialization, exercise, playtime and mental stimulation for your pet

  • Groom your pets as necessary

  • Book annual veterinarian check-ups and have booster shots done as required

Cats are non-native predators that kill countless songbirds each year. Cats can become community nuisances by digging in your neighbour’s yard and defecating on their property. Creating an outdoor enclosed cat run will protect it from traffic, wildlife, poisons and diseases without trespassing on another person’s property.


The Animal Protection Bylaw No. 1888

Schedule of Fees

Off-leash Dog Park Location

For more information:

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator

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