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Street Cleaning
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April 27th 2020

UPDATED Please note that as of 4:22 pm on April 27th this has been updated.


The City of North Battleford’s two street sweepers are out clearing gravel, dirt and debris left from the winter. Street sweeping has begun and the first round of street cleaning is estimated to be complete within a couple of months.

When cleaning a street, the sweeper operator starts in the centre and works out towards the curb. If the sweeper is in the middle of the street, drivers are asked to slow down and move to the side or take another route. Drivers and pedestrians should use caution when approaching a street sweeper as they are slow-moving and may cause dust and debris to fly around in the vicinity.

Street sweeping follows the same priority map as snow clearing: the main thoroughfares and downtown streets are completed first, followed by residential areas. Once the first round of street cleaning is complete, the sweeper falls back onto a regular schedule. Following the on-street parking restriction schedule allows for optimal street sweeping as the sweeper is able to clean from curb to curb.

The sweeper mists the street while rotating brooms sweep debris and dust up into the hopper. When the hopper is full, the contents are transferred to a dump truck and transported to the Waste Management Facility.

Parking Restrictions

Signage will be erected the day before the scheduled street sweeping, as a notice to move vehicles from the street. Vehicles not removed will be ticketed. Street parking restrictions allow multiple City of North Battleford crews to perform numerous works and inspections that would be seriously impeded or delayed if vehicles are not removed, causing delays in services provided to residents. The parking restrictions remove the need to notify each resident individually of a date and time to have their vehicles off the street.

Scheduled inspection and maintenance on streets include but are not limited to:

  • Winter maintenance – snow removal, plowing or sanding

  • Tree maintenance – pruning or removal

  • Street sweeping

  • Street care – pothole and crack filling

  • Line painting

  • Sidewalk repair

  • Catch basins – inspection and repairs

Failure to remove your vehicle during the street parking restriction date and time will result in a $20 fine. Late payment (after 14 days of issue) will result in a late payment penalty doubling the fine to $40.


Parking restrictions map

Parking fines can be paid online, paying early saves you money by avoiding penalty


For more information:

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator
306-445-1713 |

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