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Pothole Season
Report problem potholes to City Hall by calling 306-445-1700
March 27th 2020

With the Spring thaw, the City of North Battleford is asking motorists to drive with due care and to pay attention to the road conditions. With the Spring thawing and freezing cycles, more potholes are appearing. Potholes occur when moisture enters voids in the pavement, freezes and expands. This expansion puts pressure on the surrounding pavement causing it to deteriorate. During this season, this cycle is repeated daily causing potholes to become larger and more numerous.

Motorists are advised not to drive through pools of water on the street, they are encouraged to drive around them if it is safe to do so. If it is impossible to drive around the pool of water, the City’s Operations Department recommends driving slowly through the water, as there may be deep potholes hidden under the surface of the water.

Potholes can serve as a serious driving hazard and until the City can perform pothole repairs drivers are asked to:

  • Slow down

  • Drive with caution

  • Avoid driving through pools of water, if possible

  • Report problem potholes to City Hall by calling 306-445-1700

The City of North Battleford Operations Department is aware of most problem areas and will address them as the weather and their schedule permits. However, some pothole repairs must wait until melting is complete to be properly repaired.

Additional information can be found under “Potholes” of the FAQ section of the City website at

For more information:

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator
306-445-1713 |




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