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What Not to Flush
Flushing inappropriate items can lead damage
March 20th 2020

The City of North Battleford would like to remind residents that the only flushable wipes that they should be flushing is toilet paper. Flushing inappropriate items can lead to the damage of homes, neighbourhoods, the wastewater treatment system. As you increase your efforts in disinfecting work and living spaces to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, please keep those cleaning materials including “flushable” items out of your toilet.

Though it may be convenient to flush other bathroom items down the toilet, doing so only creates clogs and damage. Please do not flush these items, send them into the trash:

  • Adhesive bandages

  • Cat litter

  • Cigarette butts

  • Cotton balls and swabs

  • Deceased goldfish or pets

  • Diapers

  • Fabric items

  • Floss

  • Food waste

  • Hair

  • Paper towels

  • Pills

  • Tampons and applicators

  • Tissues or napkins

  • Wipes of any kind, including those that claim to be “flushable”

Toilet paper is designed to disintegrate in the sewer lines. “Flushable” products are made of stronger materials than toilet paper and do not disintegrate. Instead, they get stuck in sewer lines and cause sewer backups. When you are finished using these “flushable” products, use the garbage to dispose of these items.

For more information:

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator
306-445-1713 |

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