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Reminder - Holding Offenders to Account
Anyone with outstanding fines older than 30-days could be affected.
April 17th 2019

Waiting out tickets and fines to have them written off is no longer an option. Individuals who have incurred fines and penalties in violation of City bylaws will be held accountable. Anyone with outstanding fines older than 30-days could be affected.

Individuals with outstanding fines may have their vehicle seized and sold, to recover fines and costs, as authorized by The Cities Act. All fines owed to the City including the costs associated with the towing, seizing and impounding of the vehicle must be paid before the vehicle is released.

The Community Safety Officers enforcement of on-street parking allows City crews to provide services and maintenance in a timely and effective manner. Effective and proper maintenance of streets and assets adjacent to the street saves the City money. Savings come from reducing the number of major repairs and replacements, extending the life of both the street and assets.

Holding offenders accountable ensures they will responsibly follow the same bylaws as everyone else. This makes it fair to those who respect on-street parking restrictions, handicapped parking locations, and other parking restrictions and regulations.


The Cities Act

(2) A city may recover any fine that remains unpaid, with costs, by seizing and selling any vehicle owned by the person against whom the fine is imposed, wherever the vehicle is found in Saskatchewan.

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For more information:

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator
306-445-1713 |

Alyssa Nash, CSO Receptionist
306-445-1775 |

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