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Distracted Driving is the SGI Monthly Traffic Spotlight for October
Distracted driving can have devastating and deadly consequences.
October 16th 2018

Distracted driving can have devastating and deadly consequences. During October, City of North Battleford Community Safety Officer’s (CSO’s) will be looking for distracted drivers. Drivers caught for this offence face a $280 fine plus 4 demerits.

City of North Battleford CSO’s aim to educate drivers about the dangers of distracted driving, to correct the behaviour before they get behind the wheel. To bring awareness to the dangers of distracted driving the CSO’s have a crashed car on display. The car has a message encouraging people to “just drive” while they are driving. The car will be on display at the North Battleford Comprehensive High School, John Paul II Collegiate, Sakewew High school, CO-OP Mall, Sobeys, Frontier Mall, McDonalds and Walmart.

Three common categories of distracted driving are; Visual – eyes off the road. Manual – hands off the wheel. Cognitive – attention off of driving. Cell phone use while driving causes all three distractions to occur. Cell phone use while driving is a dangerous situation for the driver, passenger, and other users of the roads and sidewalks. Distracted driving on average is responsible for 41 fatalities a year in Saskatchewan and injuring hundreds of others.

One second of distracted driving is all it takes to ruin the life of a family, and yours. Practice these smart driver behaviours to become or stay a distraction-free driver:

  • Enter your GPS destination ahead of time

  • Put your phone in Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode while driving

  • Delegate responsibilities – have your passengers assist you and have them handle the GPS, radio or respond to messages for you

  • Don’t be afraid to pull over – find a safe spot to pull over to deal with anything that pulls your attention away from driving

  • Avoid eating and driving

  • If you drop something, leave it, retrieve it when you stop

When you are behind the wheel, just drive. A $280 ticket for distracted driving will hurt the wallet, in hopes, to correct driving behaviour and prevent serious injury and or death from distracted driving.

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Alyssa Nash, Community Safety Officer Receptionist
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