City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan
Central Park Shimmers
LED lights have been installed onto 27 trees in Central Park.
August 2nd 2018

Central Park has been transformed into a public space that is beautiful and welcoming. No longer the place of dead bushes and a non-operating water fountain. Now restored into a vibrant and appealing public space.

LED lights wrapped around trees, add beauty to the Park at night. LED lights are long-lasting and require low power. The lights are automatically turned on at dusk and off at dawn. These are in addition to the new benches, pathways and giant compass, installed last year.

Beautification projects like tree lights in Central Park bring environmental, social and economic benefits. This project is part of the Planning and Development 2018 Capital Budget and part of the overall Downtown Revitalization Action Plan. This project was awarded to and completed by L7 Electric.

 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles were used in the development of this project. The lights provide a beautification aspect, and a practical one as well, improved lighting for legitimate users. Illuminating public spaces reduces the risks of accidents and injuries. A brightly lit park deters criminals and allows people to use the park with confidence.

A place where people will want to gather, respect and enjoy together, is a place that builds civic pride. It also helps to reduce crime - a positive achievement for visitors, business and residents. The City of North Battleford is positive that this project will have a lasting positive impact. Central Park is being restored to a tremendous place to hold events, spend leisure time and host recreation events.

For more information:

Ryan Mackrell, City Planner
306-445-1705 |

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Acting Communications Coordinator
306-445-1713 |

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