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Completion of 1100 Block of 100 Street UPAR September 19, 2019

Another stage of Downtown revitalization has been completed. A ribbon-cutting ceremony that reopened the 1100 Block of 100th Street was completed this morning at 8:00 am, to the delight of everyone.

This infrastructure project replaced a problematic section of 60-year old water main and replaced all of the water and sewer service pipes to the buildings adjacent to the street. Some of these connections were lead pipes that were installed over 100-years ago. This investment drastically improves the quality and safety of water for our City today and the future.

Badly deteriorated sidewalks and roadway have been replaced, enhancing the overall aesthetic of Downtown North Battleford. Improvements to the streetscape include accent paving, stonework, tree planting, benches, lighting, bollards, waste bins and decorative banners.

A walkable Downtown is fundamental to a vibrant Downtown and is key to pedestrian safety. Curb extensions at intersections shorten the crossing distance and time pedestrians are in the street. They also improve the ability for pedestrians and motorists to see each other. As well the curb extension facilitates more orderly parking.

Underground work was performed by Unicon Pipelines Limited and roadways work was performed by K&S Asphalt.

Thank you to the public who continued to support affected businesses during our short construction season.

For more information:

Jennifer Niesink, Director of Planning and Development
18 |

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator
13 |

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Council Agenda for Sep. 9 September 9, 2019

Here is the agenda for tonight's Council meeting.

Council meetings are open to the public. The meeting starts at 6:15 pm, at Council Chambers in City Hall.

Drivers Urged to Slow Down in School Zones September 3, 2019

The start of September brings with it a whirlwind of emotions for students as they return to school. All this excitement might mean that students are not paying attention while on sidewalks, roadways and in crosswalks. The public is urged to use caution and to be aware of school buses and school zones. Drivers must be aware of students and slow down in all school zones and near children.

Community Safety Officers will be out monitoring and patrolling school zones. Drivers who fail to stop five-metres from the front or rear of a school bus that is displaying its safety lights and stop arm will incur a fine of $360.00, under the Traffic Safety Act.

The school zone speed limit in the City is 30km/h from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. Please, observe your speed and driving behaviour while in these zones. Speeding in school zones is a serious and potentially deadly offence. Speeders in school zones will face a fine of $300.00, with fines increasing the more you exceed the 30km/h speed limit.

The City of North Battleford Fire Department will have a presence at all the schools in the City to remind drivers that school is back in session and to please slow down.

Let’s make it safe for our children.

For more information:

Ross MacAngus, CSO Unit Commander
306-445-1775 |

Trevor Brice, Fire Chief / Director of Protective Services
306-445-1779 |

Dustin Tungilik MacDonald, Communications Administrator
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Property Tax Deadline August 29, 2019

August 31, 2019, is the due date to pay property taxes without penalty. The City will apply a penalty of 1.8% to any outstanding 2019 tax amounts commencing the first day of September and on the first day of each month thereafter to the end of the current year for each month the taxes remain unpaid and shall be added to the tax roll.

How to Pay Your Property Taxes

  • Pay at your financial institution – in person, by telephone or online banking

  • Mail your payment to City Hall – City of North Battleford, PO Box 460, S9A 2Y6

  • In-person at City Hall – 1291-101st Street, during business hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Or place in the after-hours drop box, located at the northeast door, closest to the 13th Avenue and 101st Street intersection.

Tax Installment Payment Plan Service (T.I.P.P.S.): Start using T.I.P.P.S. to make property tax payments easy and stress-free. Instead of making a large single payment by the tax due date, you can spread your payments out over the whole calendar year. Just ensure your tax account is current and you can start today. Payments are done by direct withdrawal and occur on the 10th day of each month or the next business day thereafter.

T.I.P.P.S application:

For more information:

Steve Brown, Director of Finance
94 |

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