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Waste Management Facility Master Plan


Project # 21-10-05

DATE : 10/05/2021
EXP : 11/04/2021

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The purpose of this project is to conduct a detailed business review of the Waste Management Facility, related operations, and financial plans, in order to address the current and future challenges of providing and maintaining a safe, environmentally sound, and cost-effective waste disposal service. This project involves development of an end of life and decommissioning plan that addresses the City’s operational needs and provides a reserve model to aid in the planning and scheduling of these needs.

To support the WMF Master Plan, the consultant will provide separate cost breakdown for the development of:

Objective 1 – Operational and Sustainable Efficiency

Level of Service Evaluation

Objective 2 – Closure and Decommissioning Plan
Additional Information:

Waste Management Facility

The City of North Battleford (CNB) Waste Management Facility (WMF) is located on CNB owned land at SW 15-44-16 W3M. The WMF has been constructed and is operated to comply with Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment (MOE) regulations and requirements as set out in the Permit to Operate. The WMF Operations Plan describes how the WMF is operated during its active life.

The WMF design includes 4 stages. Cell No. 1 was constructed in 1996 and Cell No. 2 was constructed in 2002. Cell No. 3 was constructed in 2012, two years ahead of the original 2014 projection. Construction of Cell No. 4 is projected for 2030.

The Current WMF was constructed in 1996 and is designed to hold 1,743,000 m3 of waste. Based on current predicted population growth and waste generation rates the WMF has an estimated capacity to accept CNB’s waste through the year 2058. Up until 2018, the WMF was used by the surrounding communities with approximately 20,000 metric tonnes of waste disposed of annually. In 2020, 11,399 metric tonnes of waste was accepted for disposal. Another 10, 347 metric tonnes of construction related materials was diverted.

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RFP - Beaver Lions Stadium Light Replacement


Submission Deadline: 2:00 P.M. North Battleford Time October 28, 2021

DATE : 10/14/2021
EXP : 10/28/2021

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The City of North Battleford has several large cedar posts to be removed from the Beaver Lions Stadium park to facilitate the installation of new poles and lights.


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