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 City of North Battleford Downtown

City of North Battleford Downtown


Revitalizing Downtown is one of our top priorities.

We give you 6 Reasons why you should locate your business Downtown


Redevelopment Tax Incentive Policy

In accordance with the recommendations from the Downtown Master Plan, North Battleford City Council has approved a Downtown Redevelopment Tax Incentive Policy. For a 24 month period starting July 2017, business and landowners may apply for tax incentives if they are completing work in any of the following areas:

  • Building Facade and Site Improvements
  • Building Expansion
  • Vacant Property Development
  • Contaminated Land Clean-Up for Redevelopment
  • New Commerical Construction
  • New Residential Construction

Any work that began after January 1, 2017, will also be considered. If you or someone you know might be interested in taking advantage of these Incentives check out the details by Clicking Here or on the picture below. Feel free to contact Jennifer Niesink with the Planning and Development Department for more information.

 Jennifer Niesink, Director of Planning and Development

306-445-1718 |





The Residential Incentive Policy is to help stimulate movement in the housing market. Highlights of the Residential Incentive Policy are:


1. All new construction of residential properties will be eligible for the incentive upon application.

2. Does not have to be built on a lot purchased from the City.

3. Cannot be a commercial property with a residential component.

4. Eligible construction are single-family homes, duplexes, townhouses, apartments.

5. Incentive only applies to the residential mill rate.

a. Does not apply to land.

b. Does not apply to UPAR, Provincial Download Levy, Recreational Capital Levy.

c. Does not apply to Education Property Tax.

6. Will be applied to the account, once the project is completed.

7. Council will have final approval of all applications (similar to Downtown Incentive Program).

8. The incentive will be:

i. Year 1 – 100%

ii. Year 2 – 100%

iii. Year 3 – 100%

iv. Year 4 – 75%

v. Year 5 – 50%

vi. Year 6 – 0%


Land Pricing


15% discount on residential lots for sale in Killdeer Park and Fairview Heights that are city-owned, available for 12 months only.


Killdeer Park Map and Pricelist

Fairview Heights Map and Pricelist