City of North Battleford - Saskatchewan


The North Battleford Census Agglomeration (CA) includes the City of North Battleford, Town of Battleford, and Rural Municipality of North Battleford No. 437. Based on the 2016 Census: • Total population 18,625 • Median age 38.9 Approximately 21% of the population is under the age of 15, and roughly 40% is under the age of 30.


North Battleford’s population is projected to grow between 36% and 50% by 2020. Contributing to this projection are Saskatchewan ex-patriates who have lived outside the province for many years. They are now looking to North Battleford as their new home, due to affordability and proximity to recreation sites – along with dynamic indicators of sustainable economic vitality.

Affordability, quality of life, and opportunities to participate in a growing economy will continue to attract families, skilled workers and entrepreneurs, including immigrants seeking to locate in western Canada. North Battleford currently ranks third (after Saskatoon and Regina) in terms of immigration figures for provincial nominees, making it the most attractive of the smaller Saskatchewan cities in this category